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RYO Cigarettes

Roll Your Own Cigarettes Shop in Davie, FL 33314

Since 2000 we have been a Roll your own cigarettes with our amazing selections of pipe tobacco and accessories shop.

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RYO Cigarettes in Davie, FL 33314
1/2 Price Smokes (Some brands 70% OFF). Come in for a FREE SAMPLE.

$26.99/carton. All natural, chemical free, no FSC filters. SATISFACTION GURANTEED


Great selection of cigarette cases, containers, portable humidifier water pillows, and torch or jet flame lighters.

  • Cigarette Cases in Davie 33314

    Cigarette Cases

    Large selection of Vintage Cigarette Case, Leather Cigarette Case, Metal Cigarette Case and more in Collectible Cigarette Cases.

  • Cigarette Containers in Davie, FL


    we carry airtight lock box containers taylor made to keep your cigarettes fresh.

  • Cigarette Water Pillows near Davie, FL

    Water Pillows

    Make your RYO tobacco last 90 days or more with portable humidifier water pillow.

  • Cigarette Lighters near Davie, 33314


    Windproof butane lighters for your cigar, pipe, or cigarette, in either torch or jet flames.


A person making a tobacco product from raw tobacco is exempt under the Internal Revenue Code of the United States Code, Title 26, Sub Title E, Chapter 52, Subchapter A, 5702 defines Tobacco products as follows:

(c) Tobacco products
"Tobaco products: means cigars, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, and roll your own tobacco.

(d) Manufacturer of Tobacco products
"Manufacturer of tobacco products" means any person who manufactures cigars, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, pipe, tobacco, or roll-your-own-tobacco, except for his own personal consumption.


We invite all smokers to take advantage of the chemical and additive free cigarette. You will be amazed with our low prices, and how quickly and simply you can make a carton of cigarettes.

  • All natural fresh tobacco
  • No additives, preservatives, or FSC.
  • Save thousands of dollars annually

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$24.99 a carton as well as many other discounts with our spot on rewards program.